Permanent make-up removal


A PMU correction can usually be completed in one or two treatments.  The complete removal of eyebrows may require further treatments in difficult cases however, the number of treatments is usually easy to estimate.


Camfloudge (cover up)

Our Cosmetic Tattoo has had over 6 years experience in cosmetic tattoo treatments and is a qualified SKINAIL technician for tattoo removal for PMU. There are many clients to looking for a  solution to remove unwanted permanent make for eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattoo. Eyebrow is most common procedure. We use three different non laser methods to help our clients remove/ lighten their tattoos. Depend on size and colour of the tattoo each method requires at least 2-4 sessions.

  • Removal with SKINAIL method
  • Fade / Lightening SKINAIL method
  • Camouflage /Cover up with PMU method

Fading of pigmentation

With the FAD'it-SAFE method, lightening and removal can be carried out gently on the skin and with the least risk of scarring. Usually, after a few hours or days, one can no longer see that a treatment has taken place at all and the result of the whitening is immediately visible. 



Why are aftercare rules so important

After treatment, the regeneration of the treated site is influenced by many factors.

  • Avoid sun exposure on the treated area
  • Avoid touching the treated area . Do not remove the resulting scab.
  • Avoid excessive exercise
  • Always follow the after care instructions provided by your therapist.


 Aftercare of the treated areas-Please pay attention to!

Aftercare rules Aftercare of the treated areas - Please pay attention to !

  • Keep the treated area dry!
  • Do not expose to strong sunlight!
  • Avoid friction (clothing, belts, jewellery), do not scratch, do not close.
  • Do not apply Scar-Care-Creme for better healing and faster regeneration until the crust is gone.


The SKINIAL methods remove the pigmentation of tattoos, permanent make-up and microblading from the skin regardless of age, quality and colour of the ink. With the help of a micropigmentation device and a diluted physiological lactic acid solution, the skin is stimulated to naturally repel the artificial pigments itself to the skin surface.   

The SKINIAL method is a patented, cosmetic tattoo removal method, which was developed in Germany and demonstrably fulfils all legal requirements and the highest safety and quality standards, which has been confirmed by several European health authorities.   

Each customer is carefully informed about the risks of the treatment before treatment. A mandatory tolerance test provides information on how well the treatment will heal and the expected result. Visible scars can never be completely ruled out, but they are rare and are usually due less to improper treatment than to lack of follow-up care, health problems or genetic predisposition.