Cosmetic lip tattooing, also known as permanent makeup, is ideal for women wanting to enhance their lip colour or make their lips more defined, even and fuller. As we age, our lips lose their fullness and colour, becoming thinner and losing their definition. At Cosmetic Tattoo Victoria, we can overcome this with a permanent lip tattoo or semi permanent lip tattoo that works as a form of cosmetic lip enhancement.

Having your lips permanently tattooed will enhance their size and shape and make them look fuller and more attractive. A tattoo for lips also provides a more effective and longer lasting result than lip augmentation with dermal fillers. For women who do opt for injectables, getting lip tattooing done first creates a beautiful contour and gives the injector guidelines to work with.


  • Create a fuller and more rejuvenated look.
  • Correct lip asymmetry and redefine the border of your lips.
  • No need to worry about constantly re applying your lipstick – you can choose a shade closest to your favourite colour or opt for a natural colour to make the lips appear plumper.





  • Do not take any blood thinners, fish oil, vitamin E and no caffeine, no alcohol for 24 hours.
  • Do not pick/tweeze/wax/perform electrolysis/shave/tread/tint your eyebrows one week before procedure.
  • Avoid any kind of facials and IPL, Laser no botox or fillers for 2 weeks.
  • If you suffer from any allergies advise the therapist. Book a free consultation and patch test.
  • Take LYSINE table for 3 days to prevent cold sore (lip tattooing only)



  • No hot or citrusy drinks and no spicy food for next 4 hours.
  • There will be a little pain and swelling after the treatment. Use a cold compress when you get home to relieve the pain and swelling.
  • Keep moist with Paw Paw or Bepanthan Cream. Continue take the LYSINE tables to prevent cold sore and apply (Zovirax Cream).  Ice can also be used to freeze the virus.
  • Cleanse the area with damp cotton pad or baby wipes between each application.

Please do not worry if you lose colour, it will be 2- 3 weeks before the true colour appears. For some clients the colour is perfect, for others it may be too light or patchy . If this happens, we are able to adjust the shape and colour at your follow up session.

Full lip will take two to three weeks to completely heal.

There will be little pain and swelling after treatment. Use a cold compress when you get home to relieve the pain and swelling.

Colour will appear much darker & brighter  than the one you have chosen during the consultation. As the skin flacks off the colour will be reduced by 40-50 %. Please do not worry at this stage as we alter the colour and shape at your follow up session.

If a Cold Sore happens after treatment you might lose more than 70-80% of the colour therefore  it is important to continue take Lysine tables & apply Zovirax cream

Keep the area clean & do not touch with hand, personal hygiene is important to prevent cross infection.

Most of people are suitable for lip tattooing but lip tattoo is not suitable  for  a dark under toned lip.

Colour used, age of client and skin condition all play a large part in the longevity of your tattoo. The darker the pigment, the more concentrated the colour and therefore the colour lasts longer. You need to refresh the colour every 12-20 months.