Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is a specific type of hyperpigmentation that commonly occurs after acne. It is more prevalent in individuals with ethnic or common in darker skin types occurs due to the deposition of melanin within the keratinocytes of skin that had recent inflammatory damage and can be especially challenging to fade.   PIH is often characterized by brown, flat scars known as grade one macular acne scars. Some other causes include infections, Bug bites, burns, rashes, allergic reactions, psoriasis.

Post inflammatory erythema (PIE) (more common in lighter skin) is thought to relate to microvascular changes and epidermal thinning of the skin during wound healing.

Other associated skin changes: Post inflammatory skin colour changes, a common side effect of acne lesions, may arise prior to or in conjunction with acne scar formation. These can include erythema, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. Colour changes associated with acne often improve with time, however this may take months or longer.

What causes PIH?

The cause of PIH is over production of a compound called melanin by the pigment producing cells in your skin. Inflammation from any cause can lead to PIH. In susceptible individuals that produce an exaggerated melanin response (usually ethnic – Asian skin types), PIH can be a sequelae.

Who is prone to PIH?

Darker skin types including ethnicities such as Asians, South Americans, & Middle Easterners are more prone to pigmentation changes. This is because the pigment producing cell, called the melanocyte is more active. Additionally, patients who love the sun or do not sun protect are more prone to pigment.

Pico Laser For PIH

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